Black Rose Marble

Black Rose Marble is a unique black marble from Italy. This polished marble is available in 18mm, 20mm and 30mm slabs ideal for bathroom, kitchen, and outdoor applications.

Close up images best represent color. Slab images show the unique veins, shapes and flow of each slab. We advise materials are viewed in person as screen colors may vary. Please contact us directly for available slabs in stock.

(Last Updated On: 11/08/2020)

Black Rose Marble is one of the most highly rated marbles in our expansive collection. It is a sleek black marble with a unique structure of interconnecting golden and white patterns consistently throughout. If you are looking for a black colored natural stone for your new countertop, backsplash or various other surfaces, this black marble is an outstanding choice. The pure beauty of this stone is something that many homeowners simply cannot resist.

It is one of the most amazing stones that the earth produces. It can drastically visually enhance any space that you install it in. Beyond its appearance, it can also increase the value of your home. This is a benefit shared by all types of marble. Considering that it will bring incredible aesthetic appeal to your space and may benefit you financially in the future, it is no surprise that Black Rose Marble is such a popular choice among homeowners.



Surface Finish

Polished, Honed


18mm, 20mm, 30mm, etc.


Kitchen, Bathroom, Floors, Wall, Slab, Tile, etc.