Carrara Venato Marble

Carrara Venato Marble is an amazing white marble from Italy. This polished marble is available in 18mm, 20mm and 30mm slabs ideal for bathroom, kitchen, and outdoor applications.

Close up images best represent color. Slab images show the unique veins, shapes and flow of each slab. We advise materials are viewed in person as screen colors may vary. Please contact us directly for available slabs in stock.

(Last Updated On: 09/08/2020)

Carrara Venato Marble is also called Carrara Venatino Marble. It is an elegant and pristine marble with soft grey veins throughout. This sophisticated classic style is ideal for low traffic areas like master bathrooms and fireplace surrounds. The amazing veins of the natural stone help to highlight the gorgeous white background.

If you are looking to achieve a classic marble look, Carrara Venato Marble can help you do just that. In addition to the incredible appearance of the stone, marble can increase the value of your home. If the time comes to sell in the future, your marble surfaces can be a fantastic selling point. Between the appearance of this material, the value it can add to your home and many other benefits that you will receive, this Italian white marble is one of the best options that you will have on the market. Installing it in your home may just end up being one of the greatest decisions that you ever make for your home. There is no doubt that Carrara Venato Marble is a terrific investment for any home.



Surface Finish

Polished, Honed


18mm, 20mm, 30mm, etc.


Kitchen, Bathroom, Floors, Wall, Slab, Tile, etc.